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Adam Putnam is no stranger to politics he has been in the Florida office for a number of years as Commissioner of Agriculture since 2011 and before that was in the US House of Representatives for 10 years from 2001 to 2011 he also was the Republican Conference Chairman in 2007 to 2009.

His political career started when he was age 22 by being elected into the Florida House of Representatives

He is obviously a career politician no doubt about it.

Early in life Adam Putnam grew up in the small town of Bartow FL on a family farm and from there went into politics.

In 2005 Adam Putnam became a very rich man by selling some of the land he owned to tax payers for a huge amount of profit in the amount of $25.5 million and tax payers also fit the attorney fees for Putnam, which made the total closer to 30 million. The deal also included the Putnam family access free of charge to use the land to graze cattle until the state needed the land. The big issue here is that a year earlier the land was only valued at 5 million and the tax payers of Florida fit the bill for close to 30 million for land that is still being used by the Putnam family.

You can read more about the land deal here Adam Putnam Family Land Deal

He is now running for governor of Florida, which after the land deal and a few other things I'm not sure hes fit for this seat of power. We all remember the Rick Scott deal with food stamps and making people have to pass drug test in order to get them, which I understand, but the problem is the place that tested these samples was a lab owned by Rick Scotts wife and in this sense in my own opinion I feel they both have already abused their power in our great state.
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