Should I Vote For Adam Putnam

Should We Vote For Adam Putnam

Should you vote for Adam Putnam in the up coming Florida Governor Election?

This is a question that is going to be on a lot of FL voters mind in the 2018 Florida gubernatorial election.

After reading a few things about Adam I would recommend another candidates and the reason being is that their are much better candidates out their right now most of who are democrats now that Jack is out of the race.

Now don't get me wrong Adam would have been great, if he didn't do the land deal he did a few years back or the milk issue that I have wrote about. These are just what we know of at this time and well with the other candidates they seem more down to earth and really want to help the people of Florida and not just some corporations as well as self interest.

Should we feel sorry for Adam yes and no.

He did these things upon himself and has in my opinion taken advantage of hard working Florida Taxpayers with the land deal that made him super rich. What we should feel sorry about is that it seems Adam would be a great governor, if only he wasn't worried about his pocket book and self interest.

His biggest issue is that the other candidates have so much more to offer than more of the same. They offer brand new ideas, fresh faces to politics and not so much are career politicians such as Adam Putnam.

So Should you vote for Adam Putnam?

I would say no and that is my opinion about it and I understand you have the right to your own views and so do I, but I would recommend another candidate at this point.

I have found a useful site for you to use and make your own decision.

This website will show you Adams voting history on bills.

After viewing the site you will then see why I recommend voting for another Florida governor candidate and not voting for Adam Putnam.

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