Adam Putnam Gets Florida Taxpayers To Pay $437,000 Over Milk

adam putnam milk lawsuit

Agriculture commissioner and gubernatorial runner Adam Putnam had a legal dispute over rather a companies all natural skim milk could actually be called milk since vitamins were not added to the milk and it cost Florida Taxpayers 437,000 dollars.

Ok people here is the problem the milk is natural, which means they add very little to it, but now Adam Putnam considers milk to be an unnatural process by adding things to it. How dose this make sense? Milk is milk when it comes out of a cow and when you go adding things to it it becomes unnatural and more unlike milk, so in my opinion I think the ones adding more things to our milk should be the ones who get to go to court.

Ok rant done on that!

The 437,000 is to cover attorney fees for Adam Putnams office being sued. Thats just the start since 2011 there has been $20 million dollars to cover expenses and fees for lawyers who have sued our state.

You know if the creamery wants to give its customers the most natural milk it can provide let it be so!

I'm personally happy a appeals court called Adam Putnam out on this one and stopped it dead in it tracks, but while doing so Adam cost our state a lot of money lost for nothing.

I'd really like to hear his point in all this during the up coming Florida gubernatorial debates because what I have read so far isn't sitting well with me.

You can read more about the skim milk dispute here!

Skim Milk Lawsuit

I'm not sure how Adams gubernatorial campaign is going to turn out.

Is Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam doing a good job? I'm not so sure anymore.
Adam Putnam Gets Florida Taxpayers To Pay $437,000 Over Milk Adam Putnam Gets Florida Taxpayers To Pay $437,000 Over Milk Reviewed by Coby Hunt on 11/13/2017 08:23:00 AM Rating: 5

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