Adam Putnam Shook Up Over Recent Elections

Governor Adam Putnam

Adam is feeling the pressure of recent elections in other states such as Virginia and New Jersey.
Now if you had seen him before he was pretty confident he had the election for Florida governor in a bag especially after the recent things happenings with Jack Latvala, which is a whole new story all together.

The good news is that we got to see him get kicked back a notch and become less cocky and more humble in his approach, which at one time he was parsing Washington now he is saying something entirely different I only hope that we don't start to see a lot of flip flopping here as Florida flip flops are already worn and torn.

Also with a new huge influx of Puerto Rico's population coming and moving permanently to our great state Putnam needs to stay on the ball, so two things here are recent elections, new population and to add in being a Trump supporter it's not looking, so great for his campaign as it once did.

One good thing I can say about Adam Putnam is I think he has done an ok job being the Agriculture Commissioner, but that doesn't mean he can lead a state. I'm still waiting to see real and authentic leadership skills from him and less cockiness and more organic and authentic caring done by himself and less of being a puppet of Rick Scott, Mike Pence and Trump. I know this maybe hard, but I think, if Adam reads this and takes it as constructive criticism it will help him win.

I know its hard to stay away from your friends with whom you have worked for and with for a very long time, but its time to cut the cord publicly anyways and make your own path and your own way!

Meanwhile I think Florida is going to blue state this year especially if John Morgan decides to run for Governor.

This post is wrote in my own views and opinions and therefore maybe bias, so it is not to be taken as a credible news source, but as the views of one person in the great state of Florida.
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